Art is the passion inside me...

Ceaser Nhlenhle Mkhize is many things: A musician, a dancer, a story-teller, a devoted father of three who loves to spend time with and share ideas with his children. Ceaser is also a free spirit and, in his own words, a ‘professor of life’ whose street-wise intelligence is recognised by others.

But most of all, Caesar Mkhize is an extraordinary artist, with a passion to create. He grew up with music - his father played the guitar and his family loved to sing and make music together. So he has always made music and is a self-taught musician and artist. But he says that ‘music is part of my genetics; art is the passion inside me’.

Ceaser’s quirky beaded animal sculptures, each with a character of his own, are proof of that passion. He is an internationally renowned artist whose works of art are on display in the Guggenheim Museum in New York and art galleries around the world, yet he himself lives with his three children in a modest ‘four-roomed’ rectangular house in KwaMashu, a township in the north of Durban.

Copyright Ceaser Mkhize 2018

Photographs – Africa!Ignite, Sue Greenberg

Story - Wilna Botha