Dreams for the Future

In the difficult years after the break with his wife, Ceaser says that he slowly gained his confidence and skills back, and started getting well. He credits development agency Africa!Ignite for coming into his life at a time when he was ‘in a downfall’.


‘If Africa!Ignite didn’t come, I would have kept going down,’ says Ceaser.

‘Africa!Ignite was like a bird. I was going towards a cliff, and Africa!Ignite picked me up and lifted me, so that I did not fall down the cliff.’

‘I am now recovered,’ says Ceaser. ‘I am a hero.’


Ceaser’s greatest dream for the future is ‘to move my family into another level. To enable them to live a life where they don’t depend on someone else. To have our brand. I want to help them to build a foundation where our resources are our own, and we can share with others. Many people live in a situation where there is no survival. I want my family to be an example for others.’


Ceaser has also become involved in a programme in his municipal ward where he is teaching others art. He would love to work with Africa!Ignite to initiate a training programme for young people.


Ceaser says that he would also love to have an exhibition of his art which would be titled Ceaser’s vision, and through which he can share his vision of life with others. ‘Art is just a different way of communicating.’

Copyright Ceaser Mkhize 2018

Photographs – Africa!Ignite, Sue Greenberg

Story - Wilna Botha