Ceaser's Artform

The art technique which Ceaser uses to create his beaded sculptures - combining cloth, wire and beads - had its origins in 1998 when he attended a doll-making workshop at the Durban Art Gallery. Ceaser had to learn how to make dolls and clothe them, and he was inspired by the new skills he learned. He realised that the techniques used by the crafters who were part of the workshop could be applied to create sculptures other than dolls.


He then convinced his then fiancée, Thafa Dlamini, to whom Ceaser refers as ‘the mother of his children’, that they should make quirky birds using the same technique. They worked together, ‘inspiring and mentoring’ each other. Initially Ceaser and Thafa made two birds, using similar structures but different colours, each drawing on their own creativity and backgrounds.

Copyright Ceaser Mkhize 2018

Photographs – Africa!Ignite, Sue Greenberg

Story - Wilna Botha